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Bathroom Renovation Wollongong

Property owners in the Wollongong area are now able to derive benefit of the unique bathroom remodelling services of Affective Bathroom Services, which will make their old bathrooms look like a brand new one again without the trouble and cost of replacing. The conventional method of bathroom renovation Wollongong involves removing the fittings in a bathroom, purchasing new fittings and fixtures, and then trying to organize craftsmen to show up and restore it back together again.

This procedure may take weeks as it is frequently harder to get craftsmen to reach on time and in case of a bathroom renovation, one craftsman has to finish their job before the next one comes and any kind of delays by a craftsman can hamper the project and extends the time it ultimately takes.

In respect to costly bathroom solution, we offer a solution to all the expense and hassle of renovating your wall tiles, shower base, basin, and bath in any situation without any expensive removal of costly plumbing fixtures.

Our bathroom renovation services include:

• Renovation of tiles, bases, shower and basins.
• Repair service for spas, shower bases, tiles, basins, and bathtubs.
• Mildew and mould resistant coatings for the wall tiles make cleaning of tiles easy!
• Stain removal and polishing service for spas, shower base, basins and bathrooms.
• Fresh colours for the wall tiles in your bathroom without any expensive removal.
• A new shower base within hours! We can make your concrete shower base and old tiles look like a brand new ones with our unique renovation methods.
• Bath seal- Replace the ugly silicon between the tiles and the bathtub without our unique and permanent solutions.
• Anti-slip grids may be implemented to the bottom of a bathtub or the shower base while re-enamelling to make the shower base and bathtub more slip-resistant.

If you want to discuss bathroom renovation options for your home, please utilize the enquiry form to provide us with your contact details. We will contact you at a time convenient to you to discuss your project. If you want to provide us with more information about your project, you can call us any time and fix an appointment with our experts and we will be at your place right on time.

If you are looking for top quality bathroom renovation services in the Wollongong area, our team of experts provide cost-efficient solutions on time for your bathroom makeover.

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