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Non-slip Treatments

Non-slip Treatments

Eliminate the risk of slipping through our Non-Slip treatments

Affective Bathroom Services has been providing anti-slip treatments for many years and gaining trusts of the customers comprehensively. We make sure that your bathroom stays hygienic, appealing and non-slippery at all times.

In most bathrooms, there are no precautionary steps taken. In fact, you might not even think that there can be any kind of danger while using the bathroom. But when you look on a greater perspective, elderlies and children can get injured owing to slipping on the wet floor. Reports say that there are many severely injured cases registered in hospitals annually due to slipping in bathroom.

We provide a complete non-slip solution

You might think that the bathroom mats as the ultimate solution to resists slipping. Yet these are a lot unhygienic and it is hard to keep it spotless. After laying the mats, it will take a few weeks to become the best place for the moulds to grow and prosper. This situation will not pose a threat to your health but will also give out a foul smell. On the other hand, the mats might state that they are anti-slippery but in reality, these are sometimes not true. To eliminate the issue of slipping, you can also fix a handlebar but that is not a permanent solution.

We provide permanent non-slip treatment for you bathroom floor

Affective Bathroom Services provide permanent Non slip treatments in Wollongong and its adjacent areas that are going to sustain for a long duration. We offer guaranteed bathroom non slip solution that has been tested in international institutes and gained a positive nod.
We provide a comfortable smooth grip that is easy on hands and feet. It is transparent in nature hence doesn’t hinder the overall look of the bathroom. It is easy to clean and maintain keeping moulds and bacteria at bay. It is eco-friendly making it safe for the entire family and to the environment as well. It can be used in any kind of surface such as acrylic, enamel, steel, tiles, glass etc.

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