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Leaking Shower Repairs

Leaking Shower Repairs

We repair leaking shower spotlessly without removing the tiles

When you are in love with the tiles of your bathroom and don’t want to damage it while mending leaking shower, vouch on Affective Bathroom Services. We ace in leaking shower repairs in Wollongong and the nearby places. You should get in touch with us in case of cracked, damaged, chipped or unsuitable shower and we will make sure to repair or replace it effectively without removing the tiles. Only an efficient and qualified technician can work effortlessly without removing the adjacent tiles. We are available round the clock for your bathroom renovation Kanahooka. We can give the perfect solution to refurbish the shower faucets.

How do we work without removing the tiles?

Depending on the situation, we cover up the existing shower base with an acrylic liner that is custom made to fit perfectly. The old dusted shower base will be completely covered and no one will ever spot it after installing the new base on top of it. The new liner is made out of a semisolid material that fills any voids on the existing one. If required, a metal reinforcement can also be placed over the top to complete the work. We don’t use any hazardous chemical or process that pukes out harmful fumes. We always use eco-friendly techniques and process that are safe to the environment and the family as well.
It takes few moments for the semisolid silicone to cure and once it hardens, the shower is ready for usage. We use similar techniques when working with concrete, polymarble, fibreglass and acrylic. We undertake a close inspection of the situation and then work on the benefiting method. With our fast process of performing leaking shower repairs in Wollongong, the original base stays in its place without being sacrificed. You will get a fresh and spotless look hiding the untidy cracks and chips.
We use a highly glossy coating/liner, the outcome of which is magnificent. It is very easy to clean and maintain and there is no requirement of any additional chemicals or specific detergents. Only a wet cotton towel and soft detergent are enough to keep it clean. The process doesn’t need any hard plumbing changes or removing the tiles. It is quick and easy to fix leaking shower.
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